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  When I first started in Network Marketing, I made so many of the most common mistakes.  The first of which is where we all go wrong!  I burned all my bridges with my friends and family.

One of the most common phrases in Network Marketing is:

"The 'CATCH' to Network Marketing: You must accept a temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people" - Eric Worre

But SOCIAL MEDIA made marketing to masses so much easier than going person to person.  So I have to ask you;  You've already bought into a concept.  You're already on a road toward success regardless of what company you are with.

Are YOU using any TOOLS to reach a Global Audience? 

Network Marketing Tools I'm Using

  1.  Worldventures  -  My Vehicle for success of which I believe to be the greatest company there is for multiple reasons.  One of which, unlike every single network marketing company I have found, No one stops taking vacations. 
  2.  Online Sales Pro - Every single company immediately tells you to build a list.  Typically they say put your top 5 - 10 people, those who you would call if you had 1% battery and you needed help.  Why?  Because they trust you, and people who trust you, usually will buy with you.   But what if they don't, and you hit them up, and then leave a bad taste in their mouth that every time you come around, you want to try and sell them something.  Online Sales Pro eliminates that.  Want to know what I'm talking about, visit your top earners' website, I bet they have a capture page to be put into an email funnel.
  3.  Aweber - Email funnel.  Once you have your contacts in a list, you need to sprinkle information to them.  They say the average person buys after seeing information 7 times.  So, say you are showing 3 - 10 people everyday, in a 5 day period, that is 15 - 50 people, do you spend the next week, showing those 15 - 50 people again for 7 weeks, or do you let them go, and keep showing another 15 - 50 people each week?  I bet the latter.  So what if you could sprinkle information to your prospects through an email campaign automatically?  How many more could you show 7 times?
  4.  Facebook Autoposter - With Autoposter can schedule or post unlimited groups! Can include campaign your Pages too. You must just follow simple steps for posting 1) Choose Groups List 2) Choose Messages & Pictures/Videos 3) Choose Inverval & click POST

Books I Recommend

    Tips For Success

  1. Stay plugged in - How good would your smart phone be when the battery is dead?  How about your car without gas?  What about your body without sleep?  Now consider your business without motivation to keep going.  If you company provides audios, videos, books, magazines, etc.  Have them with you or near you at all times to reference or be excited about.

  2. Training - I don't think people get this one nearly as much I think they should.  No one had to convince you to go to college, you just had to pick one, understand it was going to cost a lot of money and 4 - 10 years of your life.  But the moment you ask an adult to spend $20 and a Saturday, it's as if you've lost your mind.  Training may be the MOST important tip for success.  How can you expect to win, if you don't understand the rules?  How do you plan to win if you don't know who the players are, who to rely on, who to trust, who to get the ball to when your back is against the wall?

Thank you!

If you're involved in a Network Marketing company - Thank You.  You are working on yourself, and that is outstanding!  You are building a brighter future for you and your loved ones, it just takes time to develop the necessary skills and practices.

The Only Way To Fail is To Quit


Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!
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