Good day! I am Curry Russell. Over the course of my life, I have been given opportunity after opportunity to succeed! I believe that our success is predicated by our decisiveness. What you decided to do, you will do. What you say you can't do, you will not do!. If you decide that you will be something, and that goal is the overwhelming fire that drives your life, do you thinkanything on Earth that could stop you? A bit about me, I am Husband, Father, Veteran, and Leader. I am a massive fan of travel and have done it most of my adult life. I honestly believe that travel is the one thing that makes you richer. Recently I had the blessing to celebrate my 11 year anniversary with the ROCK in my life, Jenn Russell who has supported me through thick and thin. I have been blessed, and I believe that those blessings come from GOD. His foundations for each of our lives was not for us to stay mediocre, but to overcome our obstacles by observing the opportunities that are presented to us and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us to the correct paths. For example; A young person wants to become a teacher, and during the first couple years of school, that teacher has pathways of choices, to either get involved with alcohol and drugs, or grind out the time toward the goal they have. Now, a person who chooses to do the alcohol and drugs can still get there, but without a doubt, their journey will be filled with strife!


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