What LIFESTYLE are you after?


Most people have no clue what lifestyle even is.  You grow up thinking you just need to get a job to afford to have a house, a car, some clothes, etc.  But what if you knew how to truly live?

What if you knew how to travel the world, own nicer things, and be able to give generously without feeling as if you can't give because you don't have any money!

The next time you consider another person's opinion - Step back, take a look at the life of the person you are asking... Does their lifestyle, reflect the life you want?

Because if you buy their opinions you absolutely buy their lifestyle...

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Lifestyle is a privilege for those who put forth effort.
Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!
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