The Secret to Success 

One day you will reach a point where you are about to step out on your own. You have given many years to your basic education, the development of who you now are, and the dream of where you are going. I want you to imagine standing on the banks of the Ohio River. Picture yourself at the Gallipolis Riverfront park boat ramps. As you stand there, your life is right in front of you. [eap_ad_3] EVERYTHING you will face in life is in that river. In front of you in the middle of the river is your DREAM. Let's use a boat, i.e., a giant yacht, filled with GOLD or what ever your dream is. There are only 2 rules in life to achieve this dream.



Note: There are no oars, motor, no way to cheat, only a rope attached to the front. Everyone is on equal ground in life regardless of your opinion. Here is the difference between the mindset most people: Every single one of us are facing the same exact life situations. No one is different. Regardless of color, size, family, etc, WE all want SOMETHING. We all have to do what it takes to reach that "SOMETHING"! [eap_ad_5]

So let's put this in perspective.

One person sees that river in front of them and the risk to swim out and be carried away by the current is too much. They settle for the shore they are already on, never leave, never experience anything in their life, they just take what is given to them and find contentment in that. That is OK, but do you think that person is going to be truly happy? Do you think this person may struggle with small challenges, complain about life, complain about their situation? [eap_ad_5] Another person gets in the river, swims a little ways, realizes there is a current, and maybe gets pulled down stream. They watch as their dream fades away as they replace that dream with doubt, fear, I can't mindset, and life. They swim back to shore and change their focus. They may even get a college degree, they may even feel successful. They gave up on that dream to settle for a life that was easier. We have all known these people, people who wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, but couldn't cut it and became some other profession.

[amazon asin=0062220357&template=add to cart] Another person sees that river as a challenge! They take off swimming! The moment they leave the shore, they realize there is a current, and they figure out how to fight against the current. They struggle and struggle and reach the boat. Now this person has some success, maybe gets the college degree he wants, gets a nice job, but never figures out how to get that dream to shore, to benefit from the total success in life. Once they have reached the boat, it starts to move down stream, and they look back at that shore, and all that is left behind. They DWELL on the what if or some other life tragedy that has happened and they returned to the shore. The focus of their dream that drifted down the river was lost. These are the people who reach a good point in their life and something happens like a death, a financial setback, depression, etc., and they lose focus. They allow some HUGE thing to knock them down and they never recover. [eap_ad_5] Another person reaches the boat and has no concern for the shore they left. They realize that there is no other option. They must get that boat back to shore. So they struggle and struggle. Slowly but surely, their journey takes them down the river. As they get closer to the shore, others, who along the way didn't take that path, may yell out and try to distract that person. There may even be times that the storms of life come and take them back out away from the shore and further down stream. But they don't lose sight of the shore. Pull after pull gets them to the shore with their dream. This person is the most successful of all! This success isn't based on a degree, an opinion, a monetary value, etc. It is based on the worthy pursuit of an idea. If you grow up with the dream of one day becoming a teacher because you love kids, you want to make a difference in their lives, you become a teacher. You are successful! If you wanted to become a doctor because you wanted to live a certain lifestyle and you pursued it through the struggles and obtained it, you are successful! If your dream in life is to become a stay at home mom and you stayed patient, found a Husband who wanted to take care of you, gave you babies, provided for his family, and allowed you to stay at home to raise your babies YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. Success isn't based on others opinions or their vision of your future. Success is based on your vision of your own future. [eap_ad_2]

What kind of person do you want to be? Because you will become one of these.

Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!
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