Being Accused of operating a Pyramid Scheme

I just had a young man call me out for being in a Pyramid Scheme. Let's play a game. Pyramid Schemes are ILLEGAL! So that would mean I am operating an in an Illegal Activity and persuading others to do the same thing. So to those who believe that:
  • You either have no understanding of the term "Pyramid Scheme"
  • You believe I am a Criminal and yet haven't unfriended me and blocked my illegal activities.
Pyramid Schemes by definition offer no product or service or make all of their money off the recruitment of others.

I personally invite all of you to pick up a book called "The Business of the 21st Century" By Robert Kiyosaki.

Find a copy of the film "Rise of the Entrepreneur" by Eric Worre

Network marketing is easily one of the most powerful ways to create a passive or residual income. By sharing something you are passionate about and others doing the same thing.

Please do me a favor, go ahead and unfriend me and block me if you believe I am a Criminal. I have done more research on this field than many will ever do. I believe in it and have witnessed what is possible in it. If seeing is believing, I won't ever quit believing.
Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!
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