I make 6 figures a year, WHY should I consider Network Marketing?

Why Consider Network Marketing?

Network marketing has for years had a horrible name.  People love to say Pyramid Scheme (when they have no clue what a Pyramid Scheme is), Ponzi Scheme (when they have no clue what a Ponzi Scheme is).  But over the past 10+ years, many companies have helped stabilize the Network Marketing world and create some of the greatest Products and Services that are all shared by word of mouth.

Understanding Network Marketing may be one of the fastest ways to determine whether you should consider an opportunity in this field along with your current day to day operations.  Network Marketing is just a way to share a product or service and get compensated for those who take the time to either use your recommendations, or those who decide to share the idea with you, and find people who use the products or services.  We buy socially!  Meaning that almost everyone shares through Social Media something they are either Using, Buying, or have Sold.  And that influences others to make purchases with vendors at an alarming rate.

But I already have a good "JOB"

People are typically in 2 categories, Either they don't have enough money or they don't have enough time.  Very few are truly time and financially lacking.  You have to take an audit of your situation.  Every day, are you stuck in the same routine?  Seeing your kids for a moment of time, before ushering them to bed, to start the day again, living for only weekends?

Are you in need of owning your own life rather than giving it to some company that could fire you, lay you off, or worse, you get injured on the job and have to live off of government assistance for the rest of your life because your company will only take care of you for so long.Levi hugs daddy on computer

I was in that boat.  My kids never see me.  I travel 80% of the year with my career.  I come home on Friday nights, kiss my wife before going to bed.  The kids wake up on Saturday see their stranger of a Daddy, for 2 days, and leave on Monday.  This isn't the life I planned on living.  One night, my son who was 4, had to hug the computer screen because I wasn't there to hug.  I knew I had to do something to change the life I was living.

Trading time for MONEY

Almost all of us are just trying to survive.  We've taken on too many bills, with too many wants, and have to give up our time, to get a paycheck to pay back the money to the bills.  It's a deadly cycle that makes the world go round.  It's what kept your parents from seeing you play at your sporting events.  It's what kept your mom from seeing you in your High School play.  It's what kept your Dad from helping you with that project you needed help with.  We're all just trying to SURVIVE.

BUT What if you weren't trading time for money any more, but leveraging time for money?   Right now, you are alone in your task.  Right now, it's just you doing your job, and you bring in one paycheck.  If you don't work, you don't get paid.  If you don't show up, you won't get paid.  But with Network Marketing, you LEVERAGE the efforts of many doing the same thing as you, to create exponential effort to pay you for leveraged time.

Leverage Time and Effort

How much work could you get done, if there were 2 of you doing your job?  What about 3?  What about 100?  Would you have to go to work if 99 people were working towards the same goal?  Would you still work if enough people were creating enough financial value that it brought in exactly what your ONE Paycheck paid you?

I THINK NOT!   Sure you may love your job, it may bring you incredible satisfaction.  But  right now you are forced (inadvertently) to get up at a certain time, get ready for work, drive in early, stay late, get home late, over and over and over.   While this may pay the bills, would you do it, if you didn't have to?

Getting started in Network Marketing is SLOW because you have to find someone with the same mindset as yourself to get the ball rolling.  So you may enroll 10, 20 people, before you find 1 who wants to put forth enough effort to win.  In many cases you need a few, to completely create a life that you were only dreaming of.  Lounging on the beaches of the world while money just shows up each and every week, because of the efforts of your team.  I hope you're starting to see this!

But those things don't work

According to the Direct Sales News there are new MILLIONAIRES being created almost daily because of the Network Marketing opportunities that are available.  I personally have reached the base level of residual income, meaning, I get a paycheck monthly no matter what.  While at this point it isn't much, What took me a couple years to build, is now taking weeks.  The process gets so much faster the more you fail, the more you win.

Those things do work, and they work very well.  This industry is changing the lives of individuals around the world because they made a decision to take their lives back and the lives of their family members.  No one wants to watch their husband or wife walk out of the house, and pray they make it home safe.   No one wants to leave their kids at day care, day in and day out letting someone else raise your children.  No one wants to leave their wife and kids behind on Monday morning and fly off to some distant place, hoping that their family stays safe each and every time.

How do I get started?

Honestly, you have to find something you're passionate about.  If you don't know WHY you start, you'll never know why you get up and want to keep building your own business rather than building someone else's as you are doing now.

Find a company, Product, or Service that you can stand behind.  Find something, and go after it.  Start failing your way to success as each of us have.  Create a business so strong that nothing can tear it apart.  But you'll take bumps, bruises, and more along the way.  You'll be met with adversity, frustration, and doubt.  But the ENEMY wants you to stay right where you are.  The Enemy wants you to fail.  Because if you're winning, He is.

I am personally passionate about travel.  I got started in this industry a little over 2 years ago.  In that time, we have enrolled almost 40 people to have fun and work with us.  In those 2 years we have given our family some amazing travel opportunities.  I am not saying you have to do mine, but we are absolutely the only one at our level that pays you to talk about having fun.  I am personally not fond of companies that compete with other companies on a broad scale, there are thousands of health and wellness companies.  I avoid those like the plague, but I know many people having great success in them.

I want to do what you are doing!

I've made it pretty simple!  IF this you're the kind of person who'd rather be the guy or girl in that chair, click the image and let me get in contact with you today!


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