The new and improved dress code is a great way to try to revert back to some moral standards that our country used to have.  We are trying to enforce a police now that parents should have had control of YEARS AGO!

Have any of you seen your children dress for school?  Do you really pay money to send your "CHILD" to school to look like a hooker?  To show off more skin than some "R" rated movies?  And the best part, you get upset when children are molested.  Especially girls. Why would we be shocked at the attack on young women?  These young women dress as if they were in their mid 20's and show off their body to whoever is wanting to look. As for the guys, Baggy clothes, Goth wear, Silly shirts with whatever on them, Guys never have respect for themselves even as adults.  Men will always be the lazy slob in the social class, but it would be nice to teach young men to prepare themselves for the future.

So to the School Board: Congratulations on trying to take the responsibility away from the parents, because obviously they can't do it themselves.

Good job Parents 🙂

The West Columbian

Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
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