*This letter was written in response to the Point Pleasant Register chaning thier policy on posting to the Letters to the Editor section of the paper.  This after I sent many letters that went unposted with no reason why.     Thanks Letter to the Editor,   I appreciate the response and the new policy, I will make sure to provide 1 per month.  As for the columnist position, I wasn't looking for any paid position.  I have things to say and people enjoy hearing from a different point of view.   Your paper continues to post the same letters to the editor day after day with no updates on the website.  Does this mean that there hasn't been any new letters posted?  If so why the need for 1 per month?  If I would write one everyday, and no one else has sent anything in, what would the issue be?   But thanks for posting any of my issues.  This town has things that need to be changed and no one seems to have any interest.  The paper published a story recently about the "Economic Development Director" talking about the tourism being brought to the town.  The letter went on to say that these tourist would be brought in on busses and the busses would be empty so they could shop.  Why didn't anyone stop him in mid sentence and ask, "What would tourists buy?"  There aren't stores and there aren't businesses.  The town has nursing homes in the tourist district; Main Street has MANY abandoned buildings.  Anything that would attract tourists does not bring any financial gain to the town.   People have no options to spend their money in their own town.  I would imagine that most money leaves to be spent in Huntington, Gallipolis, and surrounding areas.  Why aren't the Economic development people worried about that?    These are some of the reasons I feel the way I do.  I am really excited about the town and where it could go, but the paper needs to address some of these issues rather than support the people who make incredibly insane statements.    Thanks for all you do for the community.       Curry Russell
Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
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