Tradio listing ** she removed the listing **
add posted on Tradio by a woman:

~~a car booster seat $10.00
~~small sewing machine 5.00
~~dogs collar 2.00
~~small kids stool blue in color 2.00  > HA HA ~~spot light new never opened 5.00
~~blanket red skin NFL 3.00 ,small
~~barney pillow w/ curtains 4.00
~~2 hand made angel Barbie dolls 10.00 each. one has white dress w/light pink flowers in hand- the other is dark purple dress w/purple and white flowers in hands. if interested in any of this send me a personal message.ok

Response posted by me:

ha ha,,, it should be wrong to try to sell children's stool.. even if it is blue in color.

thanks for the laugh.

the West Columbian

Reply by woman selling stuff:

it's a blue foot stool for a child just think you're being cute i don't think that was funny at all! that's just nasty. we just don't need those kind of coments. thank you. Reply from other guy:

about the stool,how long is it? Reply from Woman selling stuff:

it's stands about 7 to 8 inches from the floor and across the top were they stand is about around the some the other way is about maybe 10 to 12iches. not really sure.

Reply from Me:

come on now, children's stool can't be that long HA HA... Reply from woman selling stuff:

does anyone know how we can report this person? Reply from Me:

Oh and the guy who asked how long it was, he isn't included? Fair enough I will end the humor but I hope you lighten up and start enjoying life. A Private message was sent to me and I thought that everyone would enjoy it:

PM From her to me for all to see:

but you can get banned for it & you probably will. i enjoy life immensely but i think talking about children's bowel movements is rather gross. btw do you know john mark karr? PM From Me to her: wow, that is a bit over the edge. I never personally attacked you. I am shocked that anyone would go that far.

I was making a joke about a line in your post, and you took it to comparing me to a pedophile.

You should be the one ashamed, you are nearly 40 years old and have to resort to name calling. you can't just laugh and have a good time. You only want $2 for this item so obviously you don't really need the money so you are just trying to get rid of it.

You should have just enjoyed that someone found something funny and went with it, but rather you got upset and felt strongly enough about it that you resorted to name calling.

I will copy that message and forward it along to the moderators. I personally know most of the people at WBYG, and I don't care if I get banned for having a good time. This was all in fun. Thanks for ruining a wonderful message. OH by the way, I have forwarded this post to everyone I know, so they all can read and reply to one of the funniest posts of all time.

Curry Russell
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