I've Been Doing Something Very Wrong for the Past Year!

To begin with, I'm part of a very amazing network marketing company!  I truly have fallen in love with the concept and our product.  Like others, I originally joined for the product and then fell in love with the business opportunity.  But most people just seem to enjoy the products vs. the business opportunities!

Contacting People

At first, I was taught to use my tools, and for us, we have a video.  Now, I have even told my team, you need to get that video out to as many people as you can!   But the problem with that is - CONTROL.  I would contact people on social media and reach out to them and find out if they would be interested in what we are doing.   And once I had confidence that they want to see it, I just drop the video on them through the web.  I give them my link!   I just lost.


Giving up control by giving someone your presentation without you there, gives them the ability to just stop watching halfway through, to not watch it at all, or even worse, just block you entirely.  Kind of like putting a product ad on Facebook or Instagram, there is no interaction, people just scroll right past or get so annoyed with your posts, they block you out entirely.   This business is called Network Marketing for a reason.  We should be creating networks, not running people off.  And usually our first people we run off is our friends and family.  But that's how it typically goes!


But even when I know what I am doing is wrong, I keep doing it.  It's like I am mentally stuck.  Talk to someone and then blast them with my opportunity.  I just can't seem to break the cycle!  I know it'll happen again.  So what in the world can I do to change it!  Just saying I am going to stop, that doesn't seem to work.  People always seem to have that right thing to say, "Can you just show me, I don't have time to talk or meet",  etc.


I've been listing to leaders talk about POSTURE for a long time.  I probably have heard that word every day in the last year when I listen to training audios or motivational audios.  But having posture takes TIME to develop.  You don't wake up day one and just have it.  Having POSTURE means you are in control.  You are steering the conversation, you are keeping the people interested with your actions and your attitude.  So as we start the new year, I am going to work on my Posture!   I am going to learn to have control over my presentations!   HOW am I going to do that?  By ONLY giving presentations by being PRESENT!  Either by phone call, video call, in person, etc.  I refuse to send my link to anyone again!   I need someone to hold me accountable!  

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