How Do They Do It?

Do you ever ask yourself, "How do they do it?".  Maybe you see a person drive by in a car that you've always dreamed of having.  Seen a photo of some models who are ripped up and you would like to look like them.  How about maybe you're seeing images online of someone's home and would really like that type of lifestyle.
One of the great truths in our lives is, if you don't put forth the effort, there is no way you'll obtain the success.

Crazy Motivation!!

Now success doesn't have to be in the form of monetary objects, most people use "STUFF" to quantify the level of success a person has, which is greatly invalid.   Success to you maybe just wanting to be a stay at home mom, or having your husband not working away from home.  Maybe success to you is owning your own private helicopter, who knows!  (I want a helicopter!)

Whatever your version of success is, you have to determine what amount of effort it will take to achieve it!  No ONE, but you can achieve your success for you.  One of the things I find interesting is how people say they want something, and then get upset months later when they don't have it.  When you know that they haven't attempted to achieve their goals at all.

What Direction Are You Going In?

For instance, say you want to lose 20 lbs.  You work an 8 hour day, you're mildly active in your day, and at the end of the day you come home and settle into your routine.  Dinner, TV, Bed.  Do you expect you'll have results doing the exact same thing that got you into the pant size you're in?  OF COURSE NOT!

You have to add extra effort.  Change how you eat, change your routine, carve out extra time to reach your goals.  No person got where they wanted to go, by driving in the wrong direction!  Why would you expect to reach your goals if you aren't moving in the direction toward them.

Level of Effort

So you want to be a billionaire (this is hypothetical),  take Warren Buffett for instance, this man is one of the richest men in the world.  He owns many businesses, and he could just sit back and relax!  But this man is in his 80s working his butt off!   Your level of success is requires a specific level of effort!   If you want a different (Insert your goal), the fastest way to achieve it, is by picking a person who has achieved the goal you have, and doing exactly what they did to get it!

Modeling is the FASTEST way to success!!

Someone has already done what you are wanting to do!  Someone already has the house, the car, the job, the money, the time, etc.  There is ZERO reason to try and figure it out on your own!!  People are stubborn, they will sit at home, and spend hours trying to think of ways to achieve their goals.  And when their way doesn't work, they get frustrated and quit.  Don't sit there and tell me you haven't given up when it doesn't go your way!  I know I have.

IF you want to achieve it, find someone who already has it!  Read their books, study their lives, use them as mentors.  If you want to lose 20 lbs, and you want to look like Jillian Michaels, you may want to start following her training systems.  Let's say your in a direct sales business, any of them, and you want to achieve what some of your top earners have achieved.  You may want to start digging, and see what level of effort they gave to reach the level of success that they have.   It all comes down to modeling.  


You have to be prepared to fail.  You have to be ready to give up!  You have to be about to be walking out the door!  BUT YOU DON'T!  It's only when you're at the edge, and still keep going when the breakthroughs happen.  I've watched this at the gym most of my life.  When a powerlifter is working on reaching a new goal.  They are working on maxing out their reps, and they burn out!  Burning out is when you reach the limit of your mental ability.  So at that point, their training partner (YOU NEED ONE), will help them get 1 more.  Either by screaming, cussing, or forcing that extra effort on them.  WHY?  Because we are stubborn!  We want to always quit.  And that one rep, is all it takes to breakthrough to the next level.  

Let's say you're trying to get another sale, but everyone is saying no.  You just want to give up!  Look up on that vision board or focus on why you are even doing what you're doing, and consider this, "Is it worth it?".   Then find some CRAZY MOTIVATION, to pick up the phone, go to another meeting, or give one more presentation!   Your vision is worth your effort.

There will be times where you just don't make it to your goal!  Does that mean you have to give up forever?  If you have more breath in your body, you have more time to achieve your goals!


Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!
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