On February 19, 2005 I was appalled by the incredible lack of consideration by your employees.  I was traveling from Newark Airport to Nashville International after a week in New Jersey.  I had my travel plans cancelled and remade on two separate occasions changing from Thursday, to Friday, and then finally Saturday the 19th.  I had an e-ticket confirmation which showed that I had a confirmed reservation and a seat assignment of 9A.  Clearly this was apparently information taken from your company and passed through my travel agent to me.  Upon arriving at the ticket counter to get my actual tickets, I was told that there was a problem and that I hadn't actually received confirmation of travel with Continental and that the information I had received was just given to me through my agent.

I proceeded to show the ticket counter that I had indeed had a reservation number, and seating assignment.  But to no avail I received a standby ticket for a flight that was over-sold.  I grumpily went on my way to the gate.  After arriving at the gate, I discussed the situation with the young lady at the counter and she informed me that there was going to be no way of me traveling on that flight.  I instantly became very upset seeing that I did have a seat number.  Of course the flight proceeded to fill with passengers and I kicked to the customer service counter.  I acknowledge that I am not a patient man nor have the willingness to be friendly with customer service representatives who arent actually helping me.  I get mad.

I walk up to the counter and once again describe to the lady my situation.  She tells me that everything is booked and I wont have a chance to make the flight to Washington Dulles.  I didnt know what to do or know how to handle how mad I was getting.  She tries to find out how to get in touch with my other flight (Independence Air) to see if they have anything going to Washington Dulles.  Unfortunately she doesnt give me any information other than where I can find their ticket counter.  I then ask where my luggage is.  Of all the questions in the world to ask I had to ask that one.  I was told that since I was on stand by that my luggage would be as well.  Sure enough my luggage was well on its way to Washington.  I lost it.  I yelled and was threatened to have the Port Security come to intervene and that made things worse because I told them to call them, ask them to escort them to get my luggage.   It of course didnt help.  So now I am unsure of where my luggage is at this point writing this letter.  I am currently on another Continental flight fromNewark to Nashville direct.  My luggage was headed toward Washington Dulles.  And the funniest part of the whole story, I was told when purchasing the ticket for this trip that I was a no show for the trip I wasnt allowed on. I am asking for a full refund of my purchase of this ticket from Newark to Nashville.  Your staff was unkind, unfriendly, unhelpful, and lastly failed to provide me with the services paid for.  I am asking for reimbursement for the time wasted by your company by making me spend money on a second ticket when I was not allowed to travel on the previously purchased ticket.  Even though my bags were checked in, I checked in at the gate, was argued with and then found out I was a no show.  I ask you, how is that possible?


Curry Russell

Curry Russell
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